Writer’s Block

And speaking of writer’s block, it is an inevitability. She says to find ways to get past it, either with the letters idea from the previous section or coming up with a unique one. “Writers are like vacuum cleaners, sucking up all that we can see and hear and read and think and feel and articulate, and everything that everyone else within earshot can hear and see and think and feel. We’re mimics, we’re parrots—we’re writers.” Instead of the usual connotation of the phrase “writer’s block” as in constipated or stuck, Lamott equates it to feeling empty. Writers are taught to want to change this rather than accept it. A tip to rid oneself of this feeling is to just freewrite 300 words without regards to topic or mechanics.

Again, because this section is another subsection of “Letters” please refer back to that for further understanding.


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