Someone to Read Your Drafts

Writers are drawn to feedback. The desire to figure out what others think of the writing is on par with the desire to write itself. Many writers join groups, attend seminars, or take classes to gain feedback. Lamott supports and encourages this practice, though she cautions against delusions that a young inspired writer will be “discovered” by a publisher on their first night at a class.

Again, Howard and Kennedy would appreciate the collaborative effort detailed in this section. Another theorist to appreciate this idea of revision would be Nancy Sommer’s; her article “Across the Drafts” details the type of feedback that is most helpful when grading/revising a piece of writing. Every writer deserves to have a reader, even if it’s just an editor.  This is a really important aspect in writing, especially to these theorists and Lamott.  The opportunity to grow through mentor-ship and peer review is one that cannot be passed up.


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