Radio Station KFKD

Lamott brings up what she calls Radio KFKD. KFKD (which is not an actual station call sign as it turns out) is the radio station that plays in writers’ heads, the voices and sounds that make them feel like “self-pitying genius or incompetent hacks”. Lamott believes awareness of the problem is the best solution, allowing writers suffering from being tuned into K-F*CKED to find the mute button.

It is important to keep these voices in check while revising. In “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Writers,” Nancy Sommers describes the process of revision as “recursive.” She emphasizes that revision should happen while you’re writing as well as after you finish the first draft and go back to make changes. As Lamott points out, knowing when these voices are helpful and when they are disadvantageous is necessary while writing and revising.


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